CFXQ The token of the ecosystem based on quantum and blockchain technology


CFX Quantum was born out of more than 30 years of financial analysis and management. Throughout his career, founder and CEO, Marco Mottana, has received extensive recognition and awards from the financial community.



The CFX sharing ecosystem, where the investor can get easy access to the highest results for the lowest possible risk, by installing a simple Wallet-Exchange on Mobile.

Pre-quantum technology
through an exclusive agreement with Fujitsu corp., Japan, and a university research team.

A well-proven approach to managing markets with 
low or near-zero levels of risk.

With one click, you can exchange all major cryptocurrencies with each other and with fiat funds.

With another click, you can then purchase CFXQ tokens and gain access to “ZEROONE”, the exclusive system that allows you to earn nearly risk-free monthly returns by taking advantage of the latest benefits of pre-quantum technology.


CFX firmly believes that the new era of fintech will lead to a completely different way of approaching investing. Finance can bring what everyone needs, even the world’s poorest. CFX will make a valuable contribution to make this happen, in full association with our followers.


CFXQ Token is based on an Ethereum blockchain (ERC20 standard), which will give each owner different usage options.

CFXQ will allow Token holders access to exclusive products, discounts, airdrops and rewards from the collaboration to create the CFX Sentiment Index.

The token can be used to pay begging commissions and performance in our Mobile Wallet-Exchange and also selected products from our partner store, including trading instruments and management of CFX Finance Ltd.

CFX Utility Token will be negotiable by September 30th 2020, at LATOKEN exchange and on CFX Quantim Wallet-Exchange. Every owner that had a Token from private sale before the IEO will have a lock-up period, which will guarantee all owners see no possibility of dumping prices at the initial phase of negotiation, avoiding what has happened for many coins.


The CFXQ token will be burned over time with the “protection formula” an increasing percentage of company revenue will be used to buy and burn in the event of price declines.

A win-win ecosystem.


CFX Quantum will reach an impressive number of non-expert users with its portfolio and services through referral marketing. This will be done by ATS Sharing’s external top management team with a proven track record over the years.

Over 50,000 people have already jumped on board to start sharing with all their social media and WhatsApp contacts.

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